Episodia website


The Brief

Anna at episodia approached me to design their website at a very early stage in the episodia project, while their ideas were still taking shape. This offered a great opportunity to contribute to the birth of a project, and to offer my own suggestions about their web presence. What was clear was that the site would need to be in three languages–English, Catalan and Spanish– which presented a specific set of challenges to the designer and developer. WordPress, our chosen platform, is well-equiped to handle internationalization of its themes; however, there’s certainly a learning curve.

The Process

As both Anna and Laura are based here in Barcelona, we were able to meet up face-to-face at various stages in the project. As I’m more used to working with clients via email and Skype, this was a welcome change for me. One major advantage is the opportunity to disconnect from the internet for a time and focus on objectives, goals and outcomesβ€”never a bad idea.

The Graphic

One concept that Anna and Laura wanted to make clear to visitors as soon as they arrived on the Episodia homepage was that their approach to creative problem solving involves the combination of three elements: creativity, empathy and purposeful story-telling. Initially,


The challenge was to present the Episodia approach in a way that would work well on different devices

I explored both horizontal and vertical layouts, but these proved unsatisfactory, especially in the web environment. In order to express this in a concise way that would scale well on different devices (desktop, tablet, mobile…), and heavily influenced by a daily dose of xkcd.com, I suggested a Venn diagram. I think it brings a welcome splash of colour to the home page.

The Final Result