About Mark Bain

My name’s Mark Bain, and I’m a web designer and developer, originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, but living near Barcelona, Spain since 2003.

What I do


I design and build bespoke websites for interesting individuals, startups, and small businesses around the world. These sites can range from single-page product landing pages, to complex CMS-based corporate megasites (I’m looking at you, oxfordtefl.com). These projects often include logo design and custom graphic work. These days, I find myself specialising in bespoke WordPress themes and plugins.

Wireframe by Mark Bain DesignProcess by Mark Bain DesignProcess | Mark Bain DesignCode by Mark Bain DesignWorking-on-G2

My sites make use of all the latest HTML5/CSS3 goodness, as well as occasional sprinkles of JavaScript fun. I’m increasingly called upon to make websites magically reconfigure themselves on every imaginable device, from teeny-weeny phones to massive retina screens, which is fun.

Where the project requires it, I specialise in using WordPress as a CMS. I have built a number of custom WordPress themes and plugins from scratch, and I always capitalise WordPress correctly.


While I mostly work directly with clients, designing sites from scratch, I also lend my skills to agencies. I <3 agencies. They do all the hard work, so I can concentrate on what I love! If you are an agency, a designer who needs a coder, or a coder who needs some UI/UX help, please ping me.